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Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge

This book was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

This book was so awesome I could not stop myself from reading. Throw in a little real drama and a heroine who's not to weak to fight it and I'll love that book any day. Yes, finally, there's a real drama, and our heroine is upset and she feels she's been treated unfairly [and she has], but she doesn't want to hate her sister because, in a way, it's not her fault, but she does, because she loves her sister and the difference between the 2 feelings is so small and can be so easily confused. Nyx is a kick ass heroine.

Determined to fight and in the end learning to accept her own flaws. She's forever tormented by the fact that she's cruel because she never received or gave true kindness before.  This author has real talent and this heroin has real potential + a solid personality. The dinner scene where she wanted to stab him with a fork was so funny XD.
Add a little mystery and a magical house full of magical things and this will probably be my favorite book for 2014. Don't want to judge to highly, but the ones who'll come after will need to do pretty good in order to impress me.
The demon lord, or "Gentle Lord" how he likes to be called is also an interesting character.

He was funny and easygoing and I just loved him overall. He also cared a lot for Nyx and I could not stop devouring all his witty exchanges with her. I also liked how he managed to capture her heart, going from a hate/love relationship to something so much more. Every time he entered the scene me and Nyx were blushing furiously XD.

I love the way it ended up to be a twisted weird love triangle with Shade and the demon lord. If I wasn't sure until now, now I am, he's not a bad character, the "gentle" lord I mean. He's just bound by rules himself and who knows the consequences if he does not respect them. So far I think he gave Nix quite a lot of liberty. It's also funny to read about her contradictory emotions. She's a child, still pure at hart. I think she couldn't kill him even if she knew how to. And I know he knows that as well. I also love the house and the vivid descriptions. So full of magic. I'm just dreaming right now. The mystery is also interesting. The shadows said there are 3 captives in this house, that means the demon lord is also a captive, right? XD

What can I say, I loved every second of it. I loved the fairytale feeling to it, the mythology, the short stories in between with the good moral to each of them and the characters. Oh, how much I loved the characters! I cried so much at the last chapters. I didn't like Nyx's sister in the end. The world building was also amazing and the mystery kept you captivated till the last pages of this book.

So yes, a 100% full rating for this one. It's been a while since I gave a fantasy such a high score.