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Code Name Verity  - Elizabeth Wein

Sometimes a book can take your breath away. It's so good that while you're reading it you have only one desire: you hope it will never end. When it does, you are struck by an inevitable sense of loss, because this book became more than words on paper for you, it spoke to you, it touched your hart and you heard it. And in the mass of raw emotions you start to ask yourself if the thing you hold in your hand really is just an inanimate object. You open you eyes and you can't believe it.

That's how this book was for me.

I was a little scared at first, because I've read some reviews claiming this book to be boring and uneventful, but it's so not the case. Not for me at least. I love the main character's voice. I love how this horrible, tragic story can sound so optimistic and full of life at times. In the books I read I put a big accent on the romantic interest, but there won't be one here and that did not concern me at all. A good story isn't defined by such cliche requests: to have romance, action or anything else. A good story just is and wow, what a great story this was.

Actually, there is some romance: her love for her country, for her friend and in the end for her own life. I just wanted to hug her. First half of the book reminded me of V for Vendetta, when Evey found Valerie's notes and read about how she was imprisoned; same strong voice and raw deep suffering in a world to cruel to save a woman as sensitive, beautiful and courageous as our main character.

Is this really a tragedy? Yes it is, I cried a bucket. Just like all good stories about war, no one truly wins in the end. What's left after isn't the sweet taste of victory, but the aching loss the war inevitably brings with it.

A little spoiler will follow [it reveals the character's names and true identities]:

[spoiler]I loved Rose's voice so much, yes, in the end this is her real name. Her story was heartbreaking, but true in every way that mater. This girl's passion to go on with her story was absolutely fascinating. She had told them everything, she had told them nothing, but, just like her name (Verity), she told the truth.

Maddie's voice came out not as strong as her friend's, but I was happy for the shift in perspective. For a moment there I really did hoped the 2 of them will fly back into the sunset. I'm sorry there was not much more about her and Jamie, but in the end, this was more Rose's story than Maddie's. Maddie was just the sportive character, there to fill in the gaps. [/spoiler]

I have so many quotes I love from this book, but this one will remain with me for a while.
"I am no longer afraid of getting old. Indeed I can't believe I ever said anything so stupid. So childish. So offensive and arrogant.
But mainly, so very, very stupid. I desperately want to grow old."

*sigh* This book was wonderful. I wish I would find more as good as this one.