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Perfect Ruin - Lauren DeStefano

Well, this was a painful experience. But now I'm sure. I won't read anything else from this author ever again.

The beginning felt mesmerizing, but I couldn't help myself from judging Morgan's nativity. Calling her world perfect and all... Also, I really don't like that name.
I was also annoyed of the fact that Morgan just kept relying on her gut feeling that Judas is not a murdered even after he tells her he is one. Morgan looks like a lunatic to me, preoccupied by everyone's business but her own. Jumping from one idea to another: one time she wants to kill, then the next she wants to stop her friend from doing the same. One time she is indifferent and then she wants to be kind... Confusing girl. We don't know her dreams and aspirations, just that she feels that she's going crazy. She is. Because no sane person would be so irrational when judging her own stand point. It looks like her only role in this book is to tell the story about her brother, her family, Pen (which turns out to be a more interesting character than Morgan) and of the killed girl. This bothers me and it also makes me feel detached. I realize I don't really care for her as a character. The "love" in this book is one created based on the lack of options. Basil claims that he would have loved her either way, but he can't really know that. When you are bound to someone from birth is hard not to feel a certain comfort (that can be mistaken for love) related to the certainty of the union. Even Pen states this about Thomas: "he is mine". That doesn't sound so romantic to me.

Also, after Morgan wakes up from her poisoned state and she's told that her parents are dead but she's not told the reason why.... because she's too weak and can't stomach it. Really? After telling her her parents are dead do you think there is anything that could make her feel even worse? And to keep her with the knowledge that she still doesn't know why they were killed...
It seems that it's ok, because in the end, Morgan couldn't care less about her parents. She's all like dreaming about the ground instead of crying. Yey! Such a lovely character she is... transforming my lack of caring for her into pure hatred ^^.

(show spoiler)

Ok, I finally understand what I hate about the characters in this book: what they say they are and what they ultimately do makes them all into persons with split personalities.

In the end, my favorite character (so to say) is Daphne because she’s the only character who’s actions don’t erase her thoughts (that’s because she has no actions since she’s dead). And her essay entrances at the the beginning of each chapter are pretty much the only thing worth reading in this book. But even those are kinda flawed sometimes. Example: "free will isn't quite the same as freedom" - it's pretty close girl; if you don't have freedom then I'm pretty sure your free will is refused as well.

What these people suffer from is acute boredom and that stupid sin that makes you think what you don't have is what you need/want. Reminds me of that story with the 2 towns separated by a river, each looking at the other town and thinking the people from the other one were more happy than they were. Morgan claims Internment turned it's back on Judas and killed his betrothed, but aren't they the ones who turned their back on the city wishing for the ground?

Besides the very flawed characters this story is also incredibly boring. Instead of a decent world building and story flow we get this blabbering girl who keeps jumping from an idea to another all while using all sorts of useless metaphors. Really, there are times when artistic writing is a plus and there are times when you just want to get on with the story already. And this book totally tested my patience. At the end of it, all I was left with was a massive headache.

Also, in a place as small as Internment is claimed to be, the king should have known about every patch of dirt there is to know.

And I could go on and on with the countless problems and logic flaws I found in this book, but I will stop here. Dropped series and dropped author.

For those of you who haven't read The Chemical Garden [this author's other dystopia series), don't. It starts out quite decent and less boring than this one, but it lacks a decent world building and the main character is insanely selfish (yes, she drove me insane with her selfishness) and by the end of the series you'll just want to kill her.
I'm sorry, it's hard for me not to make a comparison between the 2 series, because this book was the last chance I decided to give this author. She's not good with dystopias. Don't understand why she's still trying. And using the same character patterns...