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The School for Beauty and Ugliness

The School for Good and Evil - Soman Chainani

This story started out so good, but it kinda left me waiting after the first half. And in the end, I think it missed the point. If this story is about how not to be superficial or what it really means to be good, then I personally never found out. The story transformed from "The school for good and evil" into "How to ruin a perfectly good story".

At the beginning I liked both characters a lot. Sophie reminded me a lot of Cecily from "The wicked and the just". In her own twisted way she really thinks she's doing the good thing XD. I was sure Sophie will end up in evil. Was not sure about Agatha though. This story brings an interesting twist to your average fairytale. The good are beautiful, but aren't they also vain? They should be kindhearted, but they are judging Agatha based on her looks. Again, a trait for bad. So, it seems like the good side is not as good as they claim to be. Also, the bad aren't that bad either. They seem to accept Sophie despite of her looks, or maybe because of them. I loved the world building and I was really curious to see more of it and some character development.

About the 'character development': I have never seen this in my life. An author transforming 2 interesting, round, complex characters into 2 cardboard stereotypes. At the end of the book
[spoiler]Sophie is bad and Agatha is a princess. That's it. *vomits*

There are so many bad parts that I don't even know where to start. Why did Tedrose felt in love with Agatha? Just because she became beautiful? And more than that, why did Agatha felt in love with him? She used to hate shallow stuck ups like him. He didn't change, just she did. Does that mean beauty corrupts? Why did the bad guys help Agatha at the end? Just because? O.o[/spoiler

What the first chapters promised me: a confused Sophie that doesn't know to distinguish bad from evil. I was hoping for her to realize her mistake throughout the story. She did in like... the last 3 pages or so and she wasn't very convincing about it. I was hoping for Agatha to realize how good she is and to embrace her inner beauty. What she becomes: a useless pretty face that drools for the stupid prince. I was hoping Tedrose to realize that a good girl is beautiful because of her soul and not her face and that's what he's looking for, but does he even look at Agatha before she becomes beautiful and confident? No...

The second half of the book felt like it put too much into the appearances of the characters. Like, if you are good you will become beautiful and if you are bad you will turn out to be ugly. That's hardly the case in real life. Beautiful people can and usually are bad. Also, the fact that all the ones from 'good' were so vain and self-important makes you question if they really were good. A good start, but I feel the story never got developed to it's real potential.

*sigh* Very, very disappointing. I was hoping to read a story, what I got was a fairytale, a really bad one at that. At the end of the day nothing of importance was learned here. Good is beautiful and evil is ugly. That's it. Wow, thank you author, for teaching our kids how important it is to be born with a pretty face and if you are good it's ok, because you will get a pretty face, because of your soul, right? Such bullshit.