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Into the Still Nothing

Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi

If Aria would have died I would have given this book 2 stars. But since absolutely nothing interesting happened 1 star is more than this book deserves.
And here's the review:

I will start with the author's name Veronica Rossi. Now, there's nothing wrong with her name, just reminded me of another Veronica that totally ruined her series with her last book. For those of you who didn't guess yet, I'm talking about Veronica Roth. Unlike miss Roth, that ended up delivering a completely different story in her last book, miss Rossi delivered entirely different characters in her last book from the trilogy. It's like she totally forgot who her main characters were and just used them for drama's sake.

I don't even recognize the characters anymore: Roar is stupid and always makes the wrong decision, Aria is worthless and she takes no decisions whatsoever (until the end when she is pushed to do so by her father, so again, not her accomplishment), she just goes along with whatever everyone is asking of her and Perry is ready to sacrifice everyone and everything (except Aria, duh) while still trying to claim that he's doing the right thing. In the end he does admit he's no better than Sable, not that this made him get any sympathy from me.
After complaining for an hour that it's not right to make Cinder sacrifice for them, the second Perry had the occasion to trade him, he did so. He even had the "decency" to cry for his own life because he had to go with Cinder in order to be sure Cinder won't bail on them. *buhuhu* So glad you can still cry for your worthless heart.

Not to mention the bad characters, they are just bad. No complexity to them whatsoever. If there's something bad they can do, they will do it, just because they are bad and have no heart. In real life bad characters are not so one dimensional as Veil and Sable were, so the answer to what's best for you're family/group is not always to kill the bad guy and sacrifice the second character. When he had to sacrifice Cinder Perry said he's going with him because he's afraid if he won't Cinder might not help them. Not because Cinder was a small, scared child that needed someone beside him, but because he wanted to make sure Cinder will die for them. Wow Perry, you're such an amazing leader, convincing all the readers you're actually different from Sable just because you're not a one dimensional bad character like he is, you're actually a sort of complex one.

Also, Aria's reaction after she lost Perry was so weak...
She:"We have to save him."
Other:"We can't."
Wow, I can totally see you trying there... After all the hardships she faced in the first 2 books and how fierce she was, in this one she just fails flat, overshadowed by her ass of a boyfriend and stupid friend that always gets them in danger.

If you think the story is anything special, think again. It's a simple story: teenager gets kicked out of perfect world, adjusts into the world of savages, then catastrophy claimes both worlds and they find a new place to live after they sacrifice some secondary characters. Wow, so original. And I won't even start on how painfully predictable this final installment was. The Still Blue was such a convenience for this story. Again, finding a place of perfect sanctuary. Their HEA was too easy. All they had to do was find the still blue and kill the bad guy. I've read stories like this in hundreds of books.

This book bored me to tears. And while I had medium expectations for it [since I wasn't a big fan of the previous 2 books] this one managed to crush them hard. The disappointment wasn't as big as it was for the other Veronica, but it probably killed my desire to ever read a book from her ever again.

On a final note: what was the reason for the chapters to be named Aria and Perry since the story is told using the 3th person. It was just annoying to switch between the 2 'perspectives' of the 2 main characters that in the end had the same voice.